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My meeting with Nobody’s Listening

I have to say that my meeting with Nobody’s Listening was quite something, and furthermore, it was something I do not want to forget. We did already plan this meeting for almost a year, saying I would come to North-West France, at her faculty home, to meet her in person. It has also almost been a year that I was chatting with her online, meeting her on a French Linkin Park Fans Forum, getting pretty rapidly along with her.

You could say, that she became quite an internet friend.

Sure, there were other people I met on this forum, promises were made to meet each other, but in the end (it doesn’t really matter… oups sorry), these promises were never held, because people went angry with each other, or we didn’t talk together again. But with NsL (yep, abbreviation), it never happened.

So, to the meeting itself !

At first, I was supposed to come by plane, flown by my father, and arrive at 12. In the end (again), there was too much fog, so we had to depart at 12, and I would arrive at 16. Even if I was a bit annoyed of this sudden change of schedule (like I’m always annoyed by the change of schedules), NsL admitted she preferred it like this : she wouldn’t have to run everywhere in her short lunch time to get to the airport (as she didn’t really know how to go there) and could just pick me up at my parents hotel, as I was arriving at 16 and she finished her lessons around 17:30.

So, once she finished her lessons, she came to my parents hotel, and I have to say, that it was a bit confusing. First, because we also had this problem before, she couldn’t seem to find the hotel’s entrance. In fact, the “advertisement” for the hotel wasn’t exactly where the hotel WAS. Thus, you has to go around the corner of the street to find the entrance. So when she sent me a message saying “Hey ! I’m here !”, I answered : “Nope! You’re not!”.
Finally, I thought about the possibility of her being also fooled by this stupid advertisement, and turned around the corner, anxious to not recognize her.

Truth is, NsL doesn’t like her pictures to be displayed on the Internet, neither her name (this is why I’m using her pseudonym…) and this is why I was afraid not to recognize her, as I only saw her picture two times. And people in real life are often different to their pictures, as of fake smiles, or grimaces.
I wasn’t even sure SHE would recognize me. Even if you can find thousand of my pictures on my facebook, as I said, in real life, it is hard to recognize people.

But I saw her first, looking around, a bit lost, asking herself where the hell this entrance could be. I saw here turning around, sighing a bit. At that time, I was with my sister, and as I was watching her, seeing her sighing, looking around her, I knew it was her. I even told my sister “Hey ! That’s her ! “. I also noted her Emily Autumn sweater, of which I loved the design, and then went towards her. When we were near enough, I do believe she recognized me to, as she came to me. I recall I was smiling, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you what her reaction was.

Anyway, once I did my sister’s introduction to NsL and introduces NsL (with her real name, obviously) to my sister, I parted from her and went with NsL to take the bus, to get to her infamous “Cité-U” – the faculty dormitory she was living in. In the bus, we talked a bit. In fact, it was pretty much all that we did this Friday evening: talking about her boyfriend, my boyfriend, people we didn’t talk to anymore and that we both know, throwing eggs on Shin’s house, that we were going to eat the “Galette Brotonne” on Sunday and sushi on Saturday. We talked also about the training she had to go through in the week that was coming, and how I would get to go home. At that time, we still thought that I would have to take the bus to the airport alone, as she had to go to her training two hours BEFORE me having to take the bus. We tld herself I just would have to go to the Quick or the McDonald’s, as it would be quite the only thing opened on Easter Monday!

We didn’t do a lot this Friday night, apart from talking about stuff and planning my stay at her place. We wanted to go shopping on Saturday, and visit everything on Sunday, which seemed to be a good plan, but later on, it fell to pieces; but this you will understand later. So I went to sleep, quite early in fact, as poor NsL had an exam the next day (a Saturday morning!) and had to wake up early.

Next morning, waking up far too early for me, we ate breakfast, and she then ent to her exam. Myself having a mid-term after my holidays, I decided to study a bit, for the three hours of NsL exam where I would be alone in her room. Finally, I could barely study, as my laptop didn’t have enough battery enough, and I had no adapter to go with the French outlet, my charger being, as you may guess, Swiss. I closed my laptop then, choosing to buy an adapter on the afternoon, and going for a nap instead. It didn’t take long, as NsL came back from her Japanese exam 20 minutes later, saying “Oh well, I see that you bare studying quite hard!” in a jokingly matter. I just smiled telling her I had no adapter, and well, no more battery.

This said, we went too go buy something to eat for lunch, and for the next evening, as we had planed to eat sushi that night (we already did the reservation the night before) and a galette on lunch Sunday. Once this bought, we went back to her room, ate risotto (instant risotto from Uncle Ben’s I might add!) and went for our shopping tour in town.

First thing we did? Go to the fnac, buy my adapter, and she bought two CD’s, one being eths new CD, having a wonderful cover of Madonna’s “Music”. This cover, we listened to it, late on, more then ten times, and it followed me in my head for most of the time afterward. I have to say, this cover is brilliant, as much as the rest of the album.
We also went to buy a present for my best friend, and for NsL’s mother, and went in different places. As I was staying in France (even if not in NsL’s room) the whole week after, I didn’t want to buy too much. Stupid of me, as in the end, we didn’t stay, with my family, in France. But this I didn’t know at that time.

She brought me to different place: a smoothie bar, a Japanime shop, a strange “here-you-can-find-everything” shop and things like this. It was very entertaining, and we talked a lot, but once it was 7 o’clock, we got tired, and even if our reservation at the sushi bar was thirty minutes later, we still went there to eat.

And I have to say: it was delicious! I was very happy to eat sushi again, wanting to eat some since two weeks ago, but no one wanting to go with me! I also have to say that EVERYTHING is more expensive in Switzerland, even sushi, so I was quite happy to be in France, seeing NsL amused to see me say every damn second: “Everything is so cheaaaaaaaaap!”. She even laughed about it with her boyfriend per mail, both finding quite amusing of calling me “the Swiss”.

Anyway, once our Doryaki finished, we got home by bus, talking a lot about thing and others. I recall one of our conversations being over how, even if Swiss people (or the romand part of them at least) talk French, there are expressions that differ from the French’s french and the Swiss’ french! We laughed a bit about it., but I believe we had this discussion on the morning or the afternoon, and not on the evening.

So, here we come to Sunday! I’ll tell you that this is the day on which we did the least of things. In fact, after eating a galette and then a crêpe Bretonne as dessert, NsL started to have a ocular migraine, and it also started to rain! So much for me taking pictures and visiting the city and parks!
We then decided to just go back to her room, letting her take and aspirin for her migraine and just watch a film and episodes of Dead Like Me, which is a TV show I really love, and she loves too!

Thus, as I said, we didn’t do a lot except this, and talking of course. It seems as if the most we did on this week-end was just talk about everything and anything and laugh at lolcats and their cuteness (I am meltiiiiiiiing! – Live lung and prospurr!).

Anyway, on Sunday evening, my sister send me a message, telling me they could not come back to fetch me, but I had to take the train to a city/village near where I was, on nine in the morning, to go to where they were staying. Why? Because of the weather of course!
Having a little plane, it is not possible for us to take off if there is fog, or too much clouds. We have to stand humble, as to not take risks, and just wait if there is bad weather. In short, it means we can not beat nature. Human seems insignificant in the clouds, even if in an armor of metal.

As you may understand, this was quite annoying, as much for NsL as for myself. Myself, because it disturbed my schedule, but also brought problems upon Nsl, and NsL… Well, she had to wake up earlier just for me, and then wait for an hour in the city, doing nothing, hoping the McDonald’s would be open on Easter Monday. And we also had a problem with the buses to get to the train station, as Easter Monday is holiday for almost everyone, and there aren’t as much public transport on that day. So we had to wake up far too early for our own good.

And there we were: Easter Monday. The beginning of NsL’s training and the end of my stay with her. I have to say I was quite sad to go, but as she said “In this little of a room, if you stayed much longer, you would rapidly get annoyed by the lack of vital space!” and she was quite right. So even if we didn’t talk a lot this morning, being both tired, we still gave each other a hug, telling goodbye before me entering the train that would bring me home (even if in the end we didn’t depart from the little village, because as my father feared, we were blocked for the next three days in North-West France because of the bad Northern weather.), far away from friendly NsL.

Now, after this short stay, I came to several conclusions.
First of all, even if you don’t “really” know people you are talking to on the Internet, there is no problem about meeting in real life and getting along. This is why it is absolutely stupid to believe a friendship – or any other relationship – may be, in all cases, fake. In fact, some friendships can become even more real then any friendship you would have in your everyday life, and thus even more precious.

Next, North-West France has terrible weather, and it’s not just a myth. Really people, I start believing that this trip was made just to prove me that.

And last, but not least, as I already believed before, NsL is a wonderful, adorable and kind person. I really loved to hang out with her, and I found my week-end to be the most entertaining! I already knew her as a great Internet pal, and a great and beautiful writer, but now I know her as a person, as I said, someone adorable, kind and very open-minded. Truth is, I already thought of her as an admirable person, but now, I KNOW she is. It is really a good feeling.

If you are a bit curious about who NsL is, and how well she writes, and if you know a bit of French, don’t hesitate to check out her website [here]. Really you should!


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