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I’m a feminist and proud of it… mostly

Let’s just laugh at the fact that two weeks ago, I said I’d post a post a week, but could not do it for the VERY FIRST WEEK!
But whatever, let’s get to the subject!

I am a feminist. Well, you would kind of expect it with my mother being the stubborn woman she is, and having a sister and no brother, thus making the family female-dominant! And not only in the “near-circle” of the family, but I also have only female cousins. But still, most of the women in my family aren’t feminist, and it is quite evident to me, mostly because they accept and ignore everyday sexism. They surely are strong women who would call you on your bullshit (well, not all of them, but my mother in particular. Stubborn, she is) but not there to call on everyone’s bullshit, even if they concern other people then them.
What I mean about this, is that they would not really get angry at someone for being sexist for a joke, or even to someone else. They just wouldn’t care, as it doesn’t touch them directly. Mostly saying it’s not their businness. This could be seen as egocentrical, but in fact, it is not: it is just the fact thst they were educated this way,  to not see some injustices that are seen as normal. So if they could get offended for themselves, they would not be for others, because this is how things are. A lot of double standards, but that is what everyday sexism is all about, in the end.

As you can see, I also say that I am MOSTLY proud of my feminism. This is because I, most of the time, prefer to call myself an “equalist” : I’m not searching to get women on a higher position than men (which feminism is absolutely not about, but I’ll get to it) but for everyone to be equal. Thus, I’ll call on everyone’s bullshit, as sexism goes both ways: society, may it be from men or women and FOR men or women, gives everyone very high unattainable standards. A man has to be viril, not wear any pink, be clear shaven or have a real beard, have a big penis and big muscles to protect women or whatever, never, ever, wear a dress, and so on. Women have to have big breasts and a nice butt, to be fragile and beautiful, to have absolutely no hair anywhere (contrary to men, where more bodyhair the better… or none at all to see the beauuuuutifil muscles!), and so on. No really, sexism goes both ways, just like anything that ends in -ism.
So, the ‘mostly’ comes from the bad image of feminism. The people, that I personnaly call “femi-nazis” that seem to not want EQUALITY between sexes, but the superiority of women, are my arch-enemies. They send a bad image of the feminist movement, and, most of the time, make ridicule demands, like, for example in Switzerland, asking the government that they put for every phrase the masculine AND feminine version, in the SAME phrase, because why not, and fuck language that was like that for thousand of years just to make it easier, let’s make it more complicated and so that the texts are unreadable! And why doesn’t the little guy on the sign to say if you have to cross or stay at the crosswalk have a dress, why is it a man, we want women on these signs (because of course, the fact that women all wear dresses and men all wear pants isn’t sexist at ALL). No but really, this is getting just laughable and ridicule. And this is what most people think of when you talk about feminism.

But if you recall, my very dear friend NsL that I mentioned earlier has written on her blog a post about feminism too, saying she had done her “coming out” as feminist. So, the heck, I’m doing the same: let’s get back to the roots of feminism and stop to say that I’m an equalist. And just remember: everyone can be a feminist, may it be men, women or anything in between or apart. Because this is all about having equal rights between genders, whatever you think your gender is.

And this is also a part of feminism, or at leat, of actual feminism: not making a distinction between genders, basically means abolishing completely the CONCEPT of genders. Not putting anyone in little boxes saying “You are this because you have a penis” or “You are that because you have breasts”. If you think you are a woman, want to be a woman, even if you have a male body, I don’t care: you can be a woman, no problem! If you think that you are nothing, something in between or whatever, be it! You are a man and want to wear dresses? Sure! And it’s not because I look at you on the road that I am judging you badly. I may be surprised, but never shoked. It’s something that you don’t see everyday (and thus “not normal”, as this does not mean that you are a monster, but just that you don’t see it everyday, so not in your sense of normality. But this is a totally other subject)  but it is not something that I would go against. You are not doing anything against me, that harms me. So I basically do not care.
Abolishing the concept of genders, also means abolishing all differences between gender and different treatments. May it be of the salary for a same job, for the remarks you get from other people, or the expectation anyone may have of you. Like wanting to have kids and love little babies if you are a woman, or love cars if you are a man. (And sorry for any other gender, I don’t know any stereotypes for you guys, but as the stereotyoe is that there exists only two genders, it doesn’t really matter, does it?).

So… that’s it I believe! If you have any questions, just ask, I’ll answer you in the comments, and, sometimes, add it to the article.
Have a nice week, and see you in a week… I hope!


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