Donating blood and stuff

26 Mar

Last week, for the first time, I gave my blood.

As an O Rh-, when I learned about genetics and how important blood is (I already knew that blood was the most precious liquid in our body, but I didn’t realize yet MY blood could be precious for someone ELSE), and the fact that I, as of being of group O-, was a general donor, I became aware that I could do important things in my life.Such as saving lives, just by giving a little bit of myself.

I think giving you blood is a great cause, and I could only encourage anyone to do this. But I also know that sometimes, you just can’t do this. For example, people with a fear of blood or with a fear of needles would ave big problems giving their blood like I did. There are also those who would want to give their blood, like my sister, but can’t because they are sick (my sister has Crohn’s disease, and the doctors aren’t sure if it could be transmitted in blood or not).

Giving my blood also made me think about things, like how I could improve other people’s life.

I can say that I am a committed person, in the way that I’ll easily commit to anything that I think is right. Such as helping animals, humans, environment, politics, and so on. Giving my blood may seem little to a lot of people, but for me it is a large step. Yes, I have been part of an association to help build schools in Haiti after the Earthquake, and yes, I still help them every so often. But for me, it wasn’t real. I wasn’t doing anything material. This was all abstract and far away. But las Tuesday, I finally could give material help to someone. I finally could give something to someone, even if i don’t know this person and probably never will. And this person will never know me as anything else then a bag of blood that will came in his body.

But at least I helped this person.

I suppose that the next step will be to join the list for blood platelet in three month, when the university hospital will come back here, so that I might give a bit more for myself and help a bit more of people.

And here I am, feeling a bit more important than before and hoping for a better world.

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