First Post, sort of Introduction

09 Mar

Hey people! So I figured I should be doing a sort of Introduction for this blog, or at least post a very first post before starting anything else, and I figured I should post something interesting, pleasant to read and full of wit.

But, here comes the problem: I really have nothing really interesting to say, and I surely am not full of wit. I’m surely kind of dumb and the things I say, ever really are only interesting for myself. But meh, whatever.

So if you really want to know something about me and about this blog, just check out the “Who is Nyo?” page. This post really won’t be anything good.

Oh, and something else I must say: I may not update this blog every day, but just ever so often when I have something to say, may it be serious or totally silly. And for people who know me in real life, it might seem strange that I am not posting every day something, as I am always talking. But hey, writing is serious business! Don’t underestimate what a blog can do!

So here is the very first post. I wish all of the people who read this a nice day, and perhaps, see you soon?


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2 responses to “First Post, sort of Introduction

  1. NsL

    09/03/2012 at 14:20

    Yeah !
    Nyo’s blog ! So cool ! What a pleasent surprise !!! Happy !
    (yes, I used the word pleasent, which is not used by any well-minded people)

    • Nyo The Neko

      09/03/2012 at 17:53

      I always use the world pleasant. It’s a cool word! x)


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