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Donating blood and stuff

Last week, for the first time, I gave my blood.

As an O Rh-, when I learned about genetics and how important blood is (I already knew that blood was the most precious liquid in our body, but I didn’t realize yet MY blood could be precious for someone ELSE), and the fact that I, as of being of group O-, was a general donor, I became aware that I could do important things in my life.Such as saving lives, just by giving a little bit of myself.

I think giving you blood is a great cause, and I could only encourage anyone to do this. But I also know that sometimes, you just can’t do this. For example, people with a fear of blood or with a fear of needles would ave big problems giving their blood like I did. There are also those who would want to give their blood, like my sister, but can’t because they are sick (my sister has Crohn’s disease, and the doctors aren’t sure if it could be transmitted in blood or not).

Giving my blood also made me think about things, like how I could improve other people’s life.

I can say that I am a committed person, in the way that I’ll easily commit to anything that I think is right. Such as helping animals, humans, environment, politics, and so on. Giving my blood may seem little to a lot of people, but for me it is a large step. Yes, I have been part of an association to help build schools in Haiti after the Earthquake, and yes, I still help them every so often. But for me, it wasn’t real. I wasn’t doing anything material. This was all abstract and far away. But las Tuesday, I finally could give material help to someone. I finally could give something to someone, even if i don’t know this person and probably never will. And this person will never know me as anything else then a bag of blood that will came in his body.

But at least I helped this person.

I suppose that the next step will be to join the list for blood platelet in three month, when the university hospital will come back here, so that I might give a bit more for myself and help a bit more of people.

And here I am, feeling a bit more important than before and hoping for a better world.

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Thoughts about Film Stars

I have to tell you that I think about a lot of things when I’m in the process of waking up. And yes, it IS a process, even more so, when you have to wake up at 6:00 AM, to get to college. Even more so when you have to take a bus, then a train, and then a tram. And most of the time, I think about absolutely stupid and irrelevant things while listening to music. And today, while eating breakfast, while in the bus, and while in the train, I thought about film stars.

And there, I was thinking: why is it, and how comes that, some big stars, that had huge success in a film (or even a series for all I care) could not succeed anymore afterwards, but some others do?
Then the answer struck me: it’s because, the role they played, that made them become famous, was very often the only role they had, that showed them on screen, and gave them some credits as actors.

Let’s give you some examples. The very best one I could find, is Star Wars (and there, I don’t mean episode I to III, but the real “old” ones). Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo already had a carrier before and while being in Star Wars. What I mean is, he shot in many films that had international success, while he was shooting Star Wars, like Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now. This showed that he could play another role than the iconic role of Han Solo. He was seen as a “legitimate” actor from the public.
And what about Carrie Fisher (beautiful Princess Leia) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker, duh…)? Well Mark did not shoot any film that got international recognition before, nor while shooting Star wars. Thus, he stayed (and is still seen) as Luke Skywalker. And only as such. Contrary to Harrison Ford, he could not get rid of the character he was playing. He was stuck in his role as an icon, as an object of a film. Thus he was not recognized as an actor from the public, but as a unique character. And as for Carrie Fisher, even if she was the sex symbol of a whole generation and had a lot of presence as film star, she did not shoot any major international film afterwards (by this I mean: she never had the main role in them, and often went unnoticed to most eyes). Because she didn’t shoot any significant film before. Not as a side character.

Let’s give another example. Here, we could see it as a counter example, but in fact, it just shows how hard it is for an actor that got famous really fast with an iconic character, and this internationally, to get out of the public’s mind that he is this character. That it is his unique role.
Do you know who I am talking about? Well yes, Leonardo DiCaprio. He got famous internationally as the poor romantic boy of Titanic. And how many year did it take him, after Titanic, to build up a real carrier? To not end as just a guest star in TV shows and films? Yup, 2003. I would even say that he got recognized as an actor, and not only more as a young trendy boy, when he shot Blood Diamond, in 2007. Titanic had been out in 1998. Thus, it took him almost 10 years to get out of this stereotype that was forged around him and his character of Jack Dawson, which permits him now to do some very psychological and really serious films like Inception, or the beautifully mind-wrecking Shutter Island.

There we had it. Long recovery, isn’t it? And why? Because he also didn’t have any secondary role before.
Same problem we will see with the golden trio of Harry Potter. These poor guys couldn’t even physically shoot films before, and even if they did, no one would recognize them now. So for us, they will stay for a long time Harry, Ron and Hermione. There again, they will have problems getting out of these iconic characters, that marked a whole generation!

A bit like what happened to the three (human) main characters of Star Wars, I predict we will have the same thing for the actors of Harry Potter. Rupert Grint will be forgotten, Emma Watson will become (and is already seen from the Internet community) as a sex symbol, and Daniel Radcliff will perhaps have a career.
Why do I believe that? Well Rupert Grint had no other projects while shooting Harry Potter, and even if he seems being on film project right now, I am not sure that these films will have international success. Whereas, Daniel Radcliff had appeared in a theater piece (which made a lot of fuss around him because he appeared naked in it) and has already made a film that has international advertising about it: The Women in Black. And for Emma Watson? Well, she is the “égérie” of Channel right now, but apart from that… she didn’t turn any major film either.

Now, let’s take a look on the oh-so-famous Edward… I mean Cedric… I mean Robert Pattinson. What will happen to him? He had a secondary role in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory, which made so that he was internationally known, as a side character (and come on, who didn’t cry when he died as Cedric?). But then he took the role of Edward Cullen. There I have to say: he told himself he hates the book and the story, but still, it makes him one of the most male actors of all time. And I’m really serious there. But he proved most people he could do better than this bad choice in playing in Remember Me and Water for Elephants. And seriously, he isn’t a bad actor. He just didn’t do the right choice at this period of time.
So, where’s the problem? There it is: Edward Cullen is a character that sticks to him. It wouldn’t be that terrible if, like Harrison Ford, several iconic character sticked to him, like Indiana Jones AND Han Solo. But there he is seen as the fairy vampire Edward Cullen. And this is really bad, because he isn’t bad of an actor.

But I do believe he will still shoot a lot of films, that will have international success, and not because all the Edward fangirls are all about him, but because he is an good actor. And perhaps he will be able to get out of this character, eventually. But first, we’ll have to wait for these stupid twilight series to end for poor Pattinson to be able to prove to everyone that he really just isn’t only a good pale sparkly face.

So, my point is, if you did have immediately, in a international success film, a main character role: you have less chance as an actor to get other roles, and to be seen as something other as your character. Even so more if it become an icon! But, if you had the chance to have several appearances as an important side character beforehand in other films that had some actual international success, you will more likely be recognized as a full time actor, even if some of your iconic characters you played may still stick to your skin, when the public watches you play.

But in the end, nothing is impossible with hard work, even if it’s harder, and it’s true that it’s better to jump on the first occasion, even if it does not allow you later on to have a big career, than letting your chance slip and having nothing at all.


Watching Tennis

Two year ago, I was still playing tennis. Two little years ago, I wanted to play twice as much as I was playing at that time. Two years ago, I hurt my wrist. This was when I had to stop playing tennis. Since then, I am unable to play, simply because my wrists hurts, ten to fifteen minutes after beginning to play.

Sure, I have touched the racket and ball since then, tried to play again, but since months ago, I gave up on the idea of playing ever again. Until today.

I didn’t play today, nor did I have a racket in hand, but I watched some women play. And there, I had once again this heartache, aching to play again.
My parents don’t understand, even less my mother. Why, if I love this sport so much, did I definitely stop playing it once hurt? Why don’t I try again now? Perhaps the injury was healed? They do not understand, that each time I have a racket in hand, I fear the moment when the pain in my wrist is going to come. Each time I hit a ball, I’m asking myself, if the next one, I will put it out or in the net, because my wrist began to hurt, and I am unable to correctly hold the racket anymore. Because even if I would love to continue to play, even if it hurts, I physically can’t hold the racket. Because of the pain in my wrist, my hand loses her strength

I have to say, in the beginning, it was nerve-breaking. I stubbornly wanted to continue, no matter what. When I just injured myself, I continued training until I couldn’t even hit balls without letting my racket out of my hand. I played matches, even if after three games, I couldn’t correctly hit anymore. This was just ridiculous and stubborn, and soon after, I went in an emotional breakdown.

I didn’t show it, but stopping playing tennis really was a hit on me. For me, my tennis club was sort of a second family, and I was feeling as if I was betraying them. Or just losing them, definitely. At that time, I also went through a tough time, losing some of my friends, being mostly alone at high school. I had a lot of emotional charge, and couldn’t find anything to vent it. Before I had my tennis lessons, the tennis club, but now I lost them.

Even now, when I go to the club, occasionally, I feel like a stranger. Some recognize me, ask me how I am going, how’s college and things, they are friendly to me, recognize me, but I just feel like a stranger. I do not belong there anymore. And sometimes, it hurts. So I avoid going there a maximum, even if sometimes, I can’t avoid it…

If I saw people pay today, it wasn’t because I watched TV, but because I went to a tournament, organized by my mother. Family obligation is to help, and I had to be sort of the photograph. And, the first day, yesterday, there were people playing, but not that good, so I didn’t really pay attention…
But today, there were the finals. And, damn, they really were playing well. I enjoyed so much looking at the balls going back and forth, and suddenly, I remembered all the emotions I had while playing myself. And then, there, it hurt. Just the day before I told my mother I didn’t want to play tennis, that I had give up. But here, today, I am not sure anymore.

I already brought my tennis things out of sight. I already was searching for another sport. I already thought I was over it. But I wasn’t.

And here I am, wondering what to do. Should I try again? See if my wrist still hurts? And if it does? Should I persevere? Or should I then give up? Or should I just forget about it, right now? I don’t know. And again, all these emotions come running back. and it hurts. Again.


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First Post, sort of Introduction

Hey people! So I figured I should be doing a sort of Introduction for this blog, or at least post a very first post before starting anything else, and I figured I should post something interesting, pleasant to read and full of wit.

But, here comes the problem: I really have nothing really interesting to say, and I surely am not full of wit. I’m surely kind of dumb and the things I say, ever really are only interesting for myself. But meh, whatever.

So if you really want to know something about me and about this blog, just check out the “Who is Nyo?” page. This post really won’t be anything good.

Oh, and something else I must say: I may not update this blog every day, but just ever so often when I have something to say, may it be serious or totally silly. And for people who know me in real life, it might seem strange that I am not posting every day something, as I am always talking. But hey, writing is serious business! Don’t underestimate what a blog can do!

So here is the very first post. I wish all of the people who read this a nice day, and perhaps, see you soon?


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